Boot Surgery



Boot Surgery
by Autodigest

Every week, a bootleg is cut open and rearranged.

Boot Surgery is meant to be both a dream sequence and the nec plus ultra of unauthorised recordings, a chaotic yet rigorous pool where vaguely familiar moods and shards boil out of the melting pot and into the ether. An ongoing requiem to popular music’s gradual drift into oblivion, replaced with something that is promptly readable yet devoid of depth, metaphor or mystery: digital compression, forceful presets and hallucinatory autotune to the fore. None of that here, and if anything, the antidote: fuzzy and inviting, lo-fi, dark and foreboding, dissonant echoes of a time when all seemed possible. What if that time was now?

Quartas, 22h
repetição Domingos, 20h30
Duração: 30 minutos

Idioma: Inglês
For insomniacs, international circuit of avant-garde listeners, dead-heads.
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