Open Talk with Max Haiven


Open Talk with Max Haiven
by Max Haiven, Sara Moreira, Heitor Alvelos, Fátima São Simão, Anselmo Canha, Miguel Januário + all spontaneous participants + Rádio Manobras, Moving Cause, Porto Pelo Porto, ±, PhD Design, UPTEC PINC

The arts of Commoning and the design of the Commons
The open talk that took place at UPTEC PINC on Dec 18 2015 becomes a Radio broadcast in episodes: Talk by Max Haiven; Q&A; Forum of local projects – radio manobras, stopestra, amep, porto pelo porto, eden, mais menos – in slices.

Around the world, in defiance of austerity, citizens are coming together to reproduce their life together outside the authority and value-systems of the state and the market. The spaces and resources they create or defend together are being called commons, and the process they used is being called commoning.

As art and design practices increasingly orient themselves towards participation and community involvement, they are faced with a choice as to what sort of world they want to help reproduce.

Mondays, 10pm, from Jan 4 to Feb 8, 2016
Length: 10 to 50 min
Idiom: English
For all citizens who care about the world we are reproducing

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