Rádio Manobras Futuras 2015


Rádio Manobras Futuras 2015
Futureplaces, Antifluffy, and the Rádio Manobras team

Words, sounds, echoes and fictions from Futureplaces 2015

Futureplaces has been addressing the dynamics between new media and the socio-cultural fabric since 2008. A multitude of workshops, projects, talks, creative events and think-tanks has woven itself onto a wide network of simultaneously local and international resonance. Rádio Manoras Futuras is the Radio arm of the octopus.

Everyday from 19 to 24 of October
Please see real time announcements at www.facebook.com/radiomanobras
Duration: Unpredictable
Everything you can expect from a citizen
Predominantly in English, very often in Portuguese, sporadically in other languages.
For all restless citizens.